Family relations as grounds for green card applications

Family relations as grounds for green card applications

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Love knows no boundaries, and families are created when different cultures, nationalities, and religions come together in commitment. Though marriage between individuals who are citizens of different countries is not impossible, deciding where and how to live as a married couple can be challenging when immigration questions arise. Frederick families that have encountered this sometimes problematic immigration situation may benefit from talking to family immigration attorneys about their needs.

This post will address some of the familial relations that can be used as grounds for green card, or permanent resident, immigration applications into the United States. This post should not be used as a substitute for specific legal advice as no part of this post is offered as guidance or counsel.

Green card applications based on marriage

Individuals who marry American citizens may seek green cards so that they may live in the country with their partners. Similarly, widowed spouses of American citizens can seek green cards if they were married to their spouses at the time of their deaths. Non-citizens who are married to American citizens and who are victims of abuse at the hands of their citizen spouses can seek permanent residence in the United States as self-petitioners.

Green card applications based on other family relationships

It is not uncommon for individuals to seek green cards for their minor children when they wish to move to the United States to live with their citizen spouses. If the children are the children of the American citizens, they may be eligible to apply for green cards. Other immediate relatives have some options for seeking green cards when they are related to American citizens, and unmarried individuals who are engaged to American citizens may also seek permanent residence in the country through the green card application process.

There are many different relationships that can form the grounds for green card applications. The process can be confusing, and it may be hard for an individual to track the progress of their application without professional support. Immigration attorneys are poised to help their green card clients seek residence in the United States with their beloved family members.