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At Luqman Law, we know the struggle immigrants go through is a unique experience. Getting status is not as easy as it sounds. Citizenship is most often the common goal of our clients. Learning a new language can be a great struggle and learning a new culture can be one of the most difficult stages in our client's life.

When dealing with the American legal system, especially in these times, and you need a legal team to be your shield when you need protection, and to fight for you when you need action. Immigrants who have been arrested, or are at risk of deportation face stressors that most of us know little about. Having a skilled, trustworthy lawyer to assist you with these challenges is essential.

At Luqman Law, we have a big firm resources with the personal attention that a small firm provides. We will get to know you on a personal level to understand what you are going through so we can best assist you on a holistic level. You will personally work with our head attorney, Devin Luqman.

  • Devin Luqman, Esq., Managing Partner

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The legal system can be intimidating. Many of our clients have never needed a lawyer before. We will do everything we can for you, and are easily accessible to you from the first consultation to the conclusion of your legal matter.

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