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Luqman Law.

We work hard to protect the rights of every immigration, criminal defense, and personal injury client.

Luqman Law. Representing Humanity

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How We Help Our Clients

When you face immigration issues, serious injuries, or criminal charges, you face uncertainty. Your legal rights and freedoms are at stake. You need a legal guide to help you and fight for you throughout your case. Whether you face deportation, have been charged with a crime, or need help with a personal injury claim, you want attorney Devin Luqman on your side.

Luqman Law‘s relentless focus on serving our clients has earned us praise and a strong reputation throughout the local community. Collaboration is the key to our service success – from initial consultation to case conclusion, we partner with our clients to develop solutions tailored to their specific needs.

At Luqman Law, we provide straightforward answers and honest advice, and we genuinely care about our clients. We understand that your future depends on the outcome of your case. We believe in keeping promises, telling the truth, and cultivating an atmosphere of trust. Our dedication to these principles guides us in our professional conduct and client relationships.

We are ready to fight vigorously for your legal rights. We provide comprehensive support at every stage of the process in all immigration matters, personal injury claims, and criminal defense cases. Attorney Devin Luqman works hard to resolve cases in the most favorable manner possible. Luqman Law will be your legal partner from start to end.

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  • usa

    As the Biden Administration considers implementing new executive actions, one significant development is the potential granting of Parole in Place (PIP) to the spouses of U.S. citizens. This move could provide much-needed…

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  • A man in a gray suit with a tie and a woman in a blue jumpsuit posing together in an office setting with the logo and contact information for Luqman Law and text related to legal services in immigration, criminal, and personal injury law.

    At Luqman Law, we are thrilled to announce a recent victory for one of our clients in their Permanent Resident Cancellation of Removal application. Our client, a native of Sierra Leone and…

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  • Black and white image of a newspaper page from The New York Times dated September 26, 1987, featuring various articles with text and headlines, a central photograph of a man standing in a field, and smaller images including maps and portraits.

    Luqman Law believes pursuing U.S. citizenship should be an accessible, equitable process for long-term permanent residents. Sometimes, incredible, unforeseen challenges can present themselves. Even residents who have lived and worked in the…

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  • Handwritten notes completed on a "Criminal Courtroom Worksheet" for a jury trial indicating key steps taken during the trial such as defendant's plea of "Not Guilty," jury procedures, and the final verdict of "Not guilty on counts 1-9." The sheet also lists motions in limine and steps for proceeding to sentencing.

    At Luqman Law, we believe in the fundamental principle of justice: that every individual is entitled to a fair trial and a robust defense. It is with great pride and a sense of…

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  • Two men standing together in an office, one in a dress shirt and tie, the other in a casual polo shirt and jeans, both smiling. The left features a logo and textual information for Luqman Law, including a slogan "REPRESENTING HUMANITY" and contact details.

    In the world of U.S. immigration law, numerous paths lead to permanent residency. One such provision, often overlooked but incredibly valuable, is Section 245(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). At…

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  • Smiling bearded man in a dark blue suit and blue striped tie, with logos for "Open For Business Unscripted" and "Luqman Law" in the corners.

      LISTEN TO THE EPISODE HERE In the diverse and dynamic world of law, few stand out as strongly as Attorney Devin Luqman of Luqman Law. Known for his specialization in immigration, criminal…

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  • Two men smiling at the camera in an office setting, one wearing a striped shirt and blue tie, and the other in a plaid shirt holding a Priority Mail envelope. A map is visible in the background, and a logo with the text "Luqman Law" is in the top left corner. Text on the image reads "CONTINUING TO HELP OUR AFGHAN COMMUNITY. WE THANK THEM FOR THEIR SERVICE."

    Luqman Law continues to help secure residency for our Afghan brothers and sisters as they continue to build their new lives in America. It is an honor to serve them for their…

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  • How do I apply for advance parole? If you are a foreign national granted deferred action or humanitarian protection in the United States, you may be eligible to apply for advance parole….

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  • Commercial building with parked cars and visible business signs including "Frederick Chiropractic" and "Langan Law", featuring a message overlay that states "We've Moved!" and the address "5301 Buckeystown Pike, Suite 215 Frederick, MD 21704".

    Luqman Law has completed its move to an amazing location with free parking for our clients and accessible 1st-floor entry! Our new address is 5301 Buckeystown Pike, Suite 215, Frederick, Maryland 21704….

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  • Two men smiling in an office setting, one holding a priority mail envelope, with a world map and legal firm promotional information in the background.

    Our client can now attend college and provide for himself and his family as he waits for his green card, with his work permit now available for Special Immigrant Juvenile Visas.

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