What We Believe In

Never forget where you came from,

and you will always be there.

Every day upon rising,

I remind myself where I have come from.

Remembering the hopes and dreams my parents sacrificed, so that I may have a better life, inspire the character and service that Luqman Law provides its clients every day.

My mother and father came from a small country of Guyana, in South America. Their daily struggles and sacrifices to get their children the closest to the American Dream that they could,

was all that motivated them.

It is the motivation of all immigrants coming to this country.

Even though remaining in the United States of America may be the difference between life and death for many of my clients, they always come here for their children, already in existence, or not yet on this Earth.

Such selflessness, motivation, courage, and perseverance that my clients exhibit every single day inspire Luqman Law to Always be there for them, because they are always there for us.

We fight together, each day helping them get closer to the American Dream.

Always there, Luqman Law.