We help you avoid traps that can lead to a denial or worse.

An Attorney always makes sure that their client is protected from possible harm. There are many times that clients answer questions, and their answers to those questions are misunderstood. This could cause disaster. One example is that a person cannot be married to two people at the same time, and it could spell disaster if they submit a case and have not yet obtained a divorce. It is common that they did not get divorced from their earlier marriage that occurred in their home country. This causes a denial that could affect them forever.

Do-It-Yourself Websites Cannot Foresee Every Situation. Every Person Is Unique in Who They Are and What They Need To Get Approval.

There are times you may need to gather specific documents that an attorney can help you get. If you are not able to get a specific document that Immigration is looking for, an attorney can help to provide an explanation and could provide advice regarding alternative options to be able to give immigration what they are requesting. 

An Attorney Can Help You Save Years of Waiting Time

An error in your application could result in a Request for Evidence, which could slow down the time it takes for your Visa, Permanent Residency, or Citizenship application to be approved. Certain cases can be combined, like a one-step adjustment of status, which can save a year of extra waiting time.

An Attorney Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

An experienced Immigration Attorney can save you money. An application or Petition can at times be submitted with a Fee Waiver request.

Applications and Petitions can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars in immigration filing fees. An Immigration Attorney can help you avoid making a mistake that would result in having to pay Immigration Filing fees over again.

An Attorney is Aware of Certain Benefits That You Can Obtain While You Wait.

You may be able to obtain a Driver’s License after receiving a receipt from Immigration for your case. You may be able to obtain a work permit while you wait for your case to be approved. An Immigration Attorney that is familiar with your State and community can help you with various issues that every immigrant will experience when entering a new country.