Promotional image featuring text that informs about the availability of TPS for Ukrainians in the US since March 1, 2022, and the provision of near-zero cost legal services for Ukrainian and Afghan communities by Luqman Law. The lower half shows a chalk drawing of children playing hopscotch. The company's contact information and website URL are included at the bottom.
TPS Now Available to Ukrainians in the USA

The United States has designated Ukraine for Temporary Protected Status for 18 Months. 

TPS is a protection status granted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to eligible nationals of designated countries and regions who are already in the United States, regardless of immigration status, due to conditions in their home country that temporarily prevent them from returning.

TPS holders are given permission to work and live in the United States for 18 months or more. The TPS designation is automatically extended for 6 months at a time until there is a change in country conditions or TPS is terminated for that country by DHS

Luqman Law is ready to provide representation for our Ukrainian and Afghani communities.