Maryland offers prospective asylum-seekers many things. Among them are health, safety and protection. This is an attractive prospect for people in need of these things.

But how do you determine if you are eligible for asylum? What are the steps you must take to gain it? Today we will answer these questions and more.

Asylum eligibility in the United States

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services looks at eligibility for asylum in the country. First, you may apply for asylum at any port of entry into the country. You must do this within a year of your arrival. If you fill your application out after a year passes, you are ineligible. But you could file for an exemption if extraordinary circumstances delayed your filing. For example, someone else claimed you on their asylum application. Since then, you lost your relationship to the applicant. You must file your own application now.

Examples of changed circumstances

Extraordinary circumstances include issues like physical disability or illness. This includes potential effects related to the harm you suffered in your home country. Examples of mental disability include post traumatic stress disorder. Physical disability may include traumatic brain injuries.

You may also apply if you faced drastic changed circumstances. This may include changes in material circumstances that affect eligibility. It may also include changes in the condition of the country you are seeking asylum from.

Your immigration status does not matter. You can apply no matter what your status is. For asylum, you must suffer a form of persecution that puts your life or livelihood at risk. This may include persecution for religious beliefs, race, nationality, gender and more.