From denied entry to deportation, immigration challenges create a myriad of hardships for many people. However, the risk of detention is especially concerning and many people are currently held as a result of alleged immigration violations. From illegal entry to suspected visa violations, there are different reasons why people are detained for immigration violations and our law office realizes the immense amount of pressure people in this position face (as well as the consequences that lie ahead for many). It is pivotal for detainees and those who expect this problem to carefully maneuver through their circumstances and try to move forward. 

Sometimes, people are detained for weeks or even months, which places a significant burden on their loved ones and carries a heavy emotional toll. However, those in detention should not give up all hope. In fact, some people are able to secure their freedom and the ability to continue living and working in the U.S. by handling their immigration problems appropriately. In order to pursue a favorable outcome, it is pivotal for those facing the risk of detention (and those already in detention) to carefully go over the legal rights they have and strategies to secure a positive end result. 

If court hearings are on the table, those in detention must do all they can to prepare and put their best foot forward. Unfortunately, the increasingly harsh stigma surrounding these charges creates a hostile and tricky environment for many people dealing with immigration detention. Our law firm addresses many other topics related to this facet of immigration law on our website.