In Maryland, there are many opportunities for immigrant workers to find jobs. Today we will look at some of the temporary worker visas that may provide you with the opportunity to take a position in the United States. 

In particular, we will be focusing on a group of visas known as “H type” visas. 

H-1 type visas 

H type visas include H-1A, H-1B and H-2 visas. According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, these all cover different job scenarios where the employee does not intend to stay long term. For example, H-1C2 type visas apply to registered nurses. This visa sees use in the event that there are shortages of nurses in the field. Let us look at the recent new coronavirus outbreak as an example. Many individuals in the field may rely on H-1C2 visas to get to infected areas that need support. 

H-1B visas cover specialty or professional occupations. The job must require specialized knowledge that the applicant possesses. Examples include fashion models “of distinguished merit” who use H-1B3 visas. Meanwhile, Free Trade Agreement workers from Singapore and Chile use H-1B1 visas. 

H-2 type visas  

Finally, H-2 type visas are for areas that do not have enough U.S. workers. Agricultural industries rely on H-2A type visas. But there are other shortages in different fields that you can also look into. People in these fields use H-2B type visas. 

For more information on temporary worker visas, take a look at our webpage on immigration laws.