Two men standing in an office, with the man on the left in a light blue shirt and striped tie smiling next to another man in a black polo shirt. A logo of Luqman Law and text congratulating the newest US citizen are displayed, with a backdrop of a world map and a leather chair.
Our newest US Citizen!

Congratulations to our newest U.S. Citizen! Originally from Iran, our client had difficulty passing the civics test during his citizenship interview. 

When our client is fluent in English, with Farsi as the language, he first learned and spoke for much of his life in Iran, and he would study and take practice tests in English and get all the questions correct. During the interview, he could not repeatedly answer the same questions he had practiced in English!

We were aware that our client was not understanding the questions and the answers because the questions involved many words that our client did not understand.

We provided our client with practice tests and practice videos in Farsi, our client’s native language. When he prepared that way, he understood the questions and answers of the civics test instead of memorizing the questions and answers without adequately understanding what he was reading in English. 

When he took the test at his new interview, he passed with ease! At Luqman Law, we understand more than just the law because we represent humanity. We know what our clients need to be the best they can be and to win their cases.